Heaven below

Heaven below

Book 1 of the Riveris series

Would you stick to your principles, even if it could destroy you?


Jim, a former investigator of the elite Downtown, lives a monotonous but hard life in exile in Uptown, which is marked by extreme weather and poverty.

When strange things happen, which even lead to the death of a colleague and friend, he takes the opportunity to escape his dreary everyday life to get to the bottom of the matter. He quickly realizes that he is on the trail of something huge. Despite the horrors he encounters in Downtown, he sees the opportunity for a new beginning that can bring more justice to all residents of Riveris. But not everyone wants to give up the existing system so Jim finds himself in the crossfire of the people pulling the strings.

publishing date: 24.05.2018

format: e-book, paperback

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Since 24.05.2018 "Heaven Below" is available.

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